How To Crochet Ear Savers

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How To Crochet Ear Savers

At the moment I’m seeing a lot of crocheters making face masks and sharing the patterns, but one thing I’ve found to be a lot more popular are ear savers. Ear savers have been created to help protect the ears from pain when wearing face masks. I have also shared the pattern for ponytail ear savers!

They are so easy to make and you could make a set of 3 in 20 minutes. All you need to create these are some DK yarn, a 4.0mm hook, two buttons and a needle. These ear savers come out at approximately 11cm. They can be different sizes, all you need to do is increase or decrease the chains and the number of HDC along the sides.


  • ch. – chain
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • slst. – slip stitch.

Round 1 – create a ch. of 19.

Round 2 – skip the first 2 chains and HDC 17 until the end.

Round 3 – ch. 2 and in the last HDC crochet 6 HDC (in turn)

Round 4 – 15HDC along the opposite side.

Round 5 – 7HDC in the end HDC stitch (this is the two chains from the start).

Round 6 – 15 HDC along the next side and slst. to join and finish off.

All that is left to do is sew the buttons on either end. Don’t forget to tag me in photos of your finished product on my instagram @abigurumii.

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