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C2C: Dr Strange Marvel Patch

To celebrate the release of the Spiderman No Way Home trailer, I decided to share my C2C Dr Strange patch. I was so excited to see the trailer and when Dr Strange popped up I get ridiculously excited.


Important: please do not sell on this PDF pattern, however you can make and sell the finished product but please credit the pattern from myself.

The ad free version of this pattern is also available on my Etsy store.

You Will Need:

I used a 4.5mm hook to create this pattern however depending on what yarn you choose to use please ensure that you are using an appropriate hook.

I used stylecraft special Dk yarn and below you will find a list of colours used to create this pattern. Please note that there is a lot of yarn left over but more balls makes it easier to create a corner2corner pattern. If you are making all sections please check each colour throughout the pattern to see if you can purchase less balls and use throughout.

  • Choice of background colour (I used green) x2 100g balls.
  • Black for hair, shoes and eyes. x1 100g balls.
  • Grey for hair. x1 100g balls.
  • Beige for skin. x1 100g balls.
  • White for eyes. x1 100g balls.
  • Red for cape. x1 100g balls.
  • Yellow for suit. x1 100g balls.
  • Dark blue for suit. x1 100g balls.
  • Light blue for suit. x1 100g balls.

For this patch of the blanket, I used green (B) for the background, black (BL) and white (W) for the eyes, Black (BL) and Grey (G) for the hair, beige (SK) for the skin, Dark Blue (DB) Light Blue (LB) Red (R) and Yellow (Y) for the body and cloak.

Round 1: 1B
Round 2: 2B
Round 3: 3B
Round 4: 4B
Round 5: 2B 1Y 2B
Round 6: 2B 1R 1Y 2B
Round 7: 2G 1Y 2R 2B
Round 8: 1BL 1B 3R 1Y 2B
Round 9: 3B 4R 2BL
Round 10: 2BL 4R 1Y 3B
Round 11: 4B 1R 1Y 2R 3BL
Round 12: 1B 2BL 1DB 1R 3Y 4B
Round13: 5B1R1Y1R2DB1BL2B
Round 14: 2B 1R 2DB 2R 1DB 1Y 5B
Round 15: 6B 2DB 1R 1Y 2DB 1R 1B 1BL
Round 16: 2BL 1R 2BD 1Y 1DB 1R 1DB 1Y 6B
Round 17: 7B 4DB 1Y 2DB 3BL
Round 18: 3BL 1Y 1DB 1Y 4DB 1Y 7B
Round 19: 3B 5R 1Y 2DB 2LB 2Y 1DB 2BL 1B
Round 20: 2B 1R 2DB 1Y 1DB 1LB 1DB 2Y 6R 3B
Round 21: 4B 3R 4SK 1Y 2LB 1DB 1Y 1DB 2R 2B
Round 22: 2B 4R 3DB 1Y 6SK 1BL 5B
Round 23: 5B 1BL 1G 6SK 1Y 2DB 5R 2B
Round 24: 2B 3R 1Y 2R 1DB 1Y 4SK 1BL 2SK 1G 1BL 5B
Round 25: 5B 1BL 2G 1SK 2BL 4SK 3DB 2Y 2R 1Y 2B 


Round 26: 2B 1Y 2R 1Y 3DB 1Y 4SK 1W 2SK 1G 1BL 5B
Round 27: 4B 2BL 8SK 1Y 2DB 3R 1Y 2B
Round 28: 2B 6Y 1R 7SK 3BL 3B
Round 29: 3B 3BL 1SK 1BL 2SK 1BL 2SK 1R 7B
Round 30: 7B 1R 1SK 2BL 2SK 5BL 2B
Round 31: 2B 4BL 3SK 1W 2SK 1R 6B
Round 32: 6B 1R 5SK 5BL 1B
Round 33: 1B 5BL 4SK 2R 5B
Round 34: 5B 1R 3SK 6BL 1B
Round 35: 7BL 2G 2R 4B
Round 36: 4B 1R 1BL 2G 6BL
Round 37: 6BL 1G 1BL 2R 3B
Round 38: 3B 1R 1B 7BL
Round 39: 6BL 5B
Round 40: 6B 3BL 1B
Round 41: 9B
Round 42: 8B
Round 43: 7B
Round 44: 6B
Round 45: 5B
Round 46: 4B
Round 47: 3B
Round 48: 2B
Round 49: 1B

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