June: Favourite Makes

Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

I’ve decided to start sharing my top 5 makes of each month. This month doesn’t actually have a lot as I haven’t had much time for creating. Instead in June I have made more from patterns.

  1. Tortoise

I couldn’t not add my tortoise to this months makes. These are my favourite thing to make with chenille yarn. They are so quick and easy to make, they are also ridiculously cute and would make the perfect gift for any age!

Level: Beginner.

Pattern : Free on Abigurumii

02: Baby JJ!

The only reason I made a JJ was because my 9 month old niece is currently obsessed with CocoMelon! I came across this pattern on Etsy and was actually a lot easier to create than expected. I made JJ with 100% cotton paintbox DK yarn. Shockingly, JJ was made in one afternoon when I expected him to take longer.

Level: intermediate

Pattern: Etsy by Gantsilia

03: Isabel Madrigal

I had already made 2 characters from Encanto and decided Isabela was next on the list. What I love about this pattern is Isabela doesn’t look like a complete replica but you can still tell who she is. This took a lot longer to make than JJ but mainly because the dress is made separately to the body and the hair tends to add time to your make.

Level: intermediate

Pattern: Etsy by Gantsilia

04: Bear in a Romper

This is actually one of my own patterns that I am waiting to test before releasing. This bear was so much fun to make and I’m so happy with how it all came together. Though the pattern is not available the bear is available for purchase on my Etsy Store. The thing I love about this bear is that you don’t need to have the romper and it still creates a cute little bear.

Level: intermediate

Pattern: Coming soon!

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